Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been a while since I posted anything. Hailey was born on July 18th at 4:09 by C-section. She was 7 pounds 12oz! They took her right away to get all kinds of tests done and lines put in. I didn't even get to hold her until she was 2 1/2 days old!
She had her first surgery on July 21st and we almost lost her that day. She ended up being on a bypass machine for 6 days. She struggled coming off the bypass and her heart stopped again. Luckily the Dr was able to get it going again. She was so swollen and full of fluid that she weighed over 12 pounds. She has been doing great these last few days and only needs to get rid of about 500mls of fluid before they close her chest this monday August 3rd.
So far she has been taken off of 4 of her 10 medications, they are working on getting her off of more but things will begin to go a lot faster once her chest is closed.
My little girl amazes me everyday, one of the doctors even came up to me and told me that a lot of the workers in the PICU have become a "believer" after witnessing what my baby girl has gone through and is still alive. She has made a true believer out of me as well.
I will try and update sooner once they close her chest, I have just been insanely busy these last 2 weeks I kind of forgot about updating this site, as I usually use facebook for updates.
Here are a few pictures of our miracle baby!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our little girl is going to be here VERY soon!

It looks like we will be getting an induction date for this friday! It was first planed for Monday the 20th but the hopspital wanted us to have her on friday to get her stable over the weekend and begin her surgery early next week! We're so excited and also SOOO scared! (I am anyways). We will post more updates as the 17th gets closer. We have an appt on the 15th to find out if we're going to be doing a c-section or induction, will let you all know what's going on then.