Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update on our princess

So Hailey had her cath lab last week. It turns out they found yet another leaky heart valve. So now they do not want to procede with the Glenn just yet. She was supposed to have the Glenn yesterday, but instead the team here sent Hailey's information over to Stanford to get a second opinion. They are even talking possible heart transplant!!! We really don't want to have to end up in that direction, but if that's all they can do for her then we will have to accept that. We're still waiting for Stanfords opinion before moving forward with another surgery. I pray they find a solution other than transplant.
We have had a busy few weeks. My husband and I ended up moving to Vancouver, WA to be closer to Hailey and her doctors. 3 months in the McDonald house and being away from my husband was just way to much. We are renting a house from a friend and it's only 15 minutes from the hospital. Josh is extremely happy to be able to see his baby girl every day now. And I am happy for him too, also happy to be back as a family again. Just missing our baby girl being home.

Hailey is doing great while waiting for the next step. She is still off the ventilator and she is gaining weight like a champ! She is already up to 12 pounds!! We should be finding out more information sometime this week on what the next step will be for Hailey. I will post as soon as I know.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hailey update

Hailey has been doing well these past few weeks. She has remained off the ventilator. But she does still have the HiFlow on, which they will leave on until her next surgery. She is just being so alert staring at everyone and watching her mobile very intently. She has been slowly gaining weight and she is currently at 10 pounds 3oz. Still has some more to gain before her Glenn but she is on her way. We have also been able to dress her now which has been so much fun! Grandpa came to visit this last week and we sure went on a shopping spree! Little Hailey has him wrapped around her finger so tight!

Right now her schedule will be getting a heart cath on October 19th. And if all looks well, she will be having her Glenn on October 26th. We are very scared to see her go through another surgery after watching her interact so well these past few weeks, but we know it's what she needs to be able to come home with us. I just wish there was a fast forward button!! Here are a few recent pics when grandpa came to visit and getting all dressed up! 
Watching her mobile                                      
 Sleeping in grandpa's arms                               

In her "party dress" for grandpa's 60th birthday!