Friday, September 18, 2009

Not going anywhere for a while

Hailey has been off the ventilator again for a week and a half, but she is still having difficulties breathing. She has been on and off the SiPap and the HiFlow. Turns out her heart is just not strong enough to make it without support. And because of this, she needs to stay here in the hospital to grow and get strong enough for the Glen procedure. So we will most likely not be going home until around Thanksgiving time. This is not the news we wanted but at least she is still alive and fighting. And we will eventually have her home with us. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, please keep them coming. Again, I am sorry I don't update on here much but I've never been much of a blogger! This picture of her was taken 2 days ago when her Daddy got to come and visit :)

And Happy 2 month Birthday Hailey!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's back in....

Hailey spiked a fever yesterday morning and was having a very hard time breathing. Turns out she has a really bad infection from her PD Catheter. So the breathing tube went back in after her lactates went up to 9.2 and because she could not breathe well at all with the extra workload on her tiny little heart trying to fight off that infection.
Also as a result of the infection, her galbladder has become enlarged. They were really worried that it would burst so they had to put in a drain tube through her liver and into her galbladder. She is now on "Super Antibiotics" to get rid of this infection.
The good news is that the tube will be coming out possibly monday or tuesday because the reasoning for her tube being put back in was because of the infection and was not related to her heart. So it will not be left in until the glen.
Please pray for our little Hailey that she is able to do well when she gets this breathing tube out and that she fights this infection.