Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's back in....

Hailey spiked a fever yesterday morning and was having a very hard time breathing. Turns out she has a really bad infection from her PD Catheter. So the breathing tube went back in after her lactates went up to 9.2 and because she could not breathe well at all with the extra workload on her tiny little heart trying to fight off that infection.
Also as a result of the infection, her galbladder has become enlarged. They were really worried that it would burst so they had to put in a drain tube through her liver and into her galbladder. She is now on "Super Antibiotics" to get rid of this infection.
The good news is that the tube will be coming out possibly monday or tuesday because the reasoning for her tube being put back in was because of the infection and was not related to her heart. So it will not be left in until the glen.
Please pray for our little Hailey that she is able to do well when she gets this breathing tube out and that she fights this infection.


  1. Hi Nadine - I found your blog through Katie's blog (Maddie's mom) and wanted to introduce myself. We have a son, Luke, who was born in January of 2007 with a congenital heart defect (double inlet left ventricle - no right ventricle). He has had two of his three open heart surgeries and at 2 1/2, is doing great. Both of his surgeries have been at Seattle Children's hospital. It sounds like you guys are in Portland ... not too far!

    I pray God gives you an extra measure of strength and peace tonight and that Hailey can come home soon ... what an incredible journey she's been on in her short little life. I will tell you, these heart kids are amazing. The most resilient people I know!

    God bless and take care!


  2. I remember my Natalie getting a "sludging" gallbladder. She was three months old by the time it reared it's ugly head. She had just gotten out of the ICU and started turning yellow from juandice. She was so fragile that they decided to do an ERCP-where they go up into the common bile duct to flush it out hoping that it would drain then, but then in two weeks it was decided to take her gallbladder out. After that, her "reflux" (which I don't think she ever really had) was better.

    I hope and pray all goes better for you. Hang in there.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful! I am so sorry for the roller coaster. It is so hard but you have to enjoy day. . . and remember when whe is older she WILL NOT remember all the down-swings! She will be a happy little toddler.
    Much love-

  4. Hoping Hailey is doing better :) Prayers for your family, hang in there!!!