Saturday, September 17, 2011

7 Months

I know, I know......

Leyna will be 8 months old tomorrow (45 min from now) and I am just now doing this 7 month post.
Since her last post my grandmother got very sick. She was put inot a nursing home and then passed away on August 11th. So Leyna and I made a solo trip from Washington state to Wisconsin. The flights there were great. She loved soaking up all the attention from everyone (what can I say, we make beautiful babies!). But the flight home was another story. She screamed the whole first flight! (1 hour). But the second flight she was better, I just had to walk her up and down the isles and introducer her to new people! Again, she just soaked up all that attention!

It was so great seeing all my family, I just wish it wasn't under those circumstances. I miss my grandma so much!  She had a stroke in 2007 and just hasn't been the same since then. And I only saw her 1-2 times a year before that. It sure makes me regret not being able to live closer or able to visit more.

As for Leyna, she is doing great!  Still hasn't figured out how to crawl, I think she's going to be walking before she figures out how to crawl! She is always wanting to stand and pull up on stuff. I am sure it won't be long!
She can now say "mama" and "dada" and also a few other "babbles"! She is also so very affectionate, I love it! She gives the best hugs and is always trying to kiss us.

We will be starting our 2nd annual blanket drive in memory of Hailey. Last year we got around 100 blankets, this year we are hoping for 150. I will post more information on that as soon as I get to the post office and open up a PO box.

But for now, here is her 7 month picture (she didn't want to smile this month!) Who knows when I will post her 8 month photo, hopefully I will actually get it done tomorrow!

7 Months Old!

Trying to walk!
Also, go check out Matt Hammitt's new album, "Every Falling Tear" He's a Christian artist and his son, Bowen was born with HLHS. He just celebrated his first brithday and Matt made an album about his experience this past year. Matt Hammitt

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