Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another hard night

Hailey crashed again last night around 8:30pm. It was almost identical to saturday nights crash. They got her back again but she ended up starting to crash again around 5am. Luckily they caught the 5am one soon enough to treat her before they had to do CPR. They are trying many different options in their weaning methods to try and get her off the ventilator. Getting her off the vent is one of the most important things after the Glenn procedure, it will take a lot of pressure off the lungs. But Hailey is going at her own pace telling them she's not ready. Right now they have a nurse and respiratory therapist sitting right next to her bed 24/7 to watch her and make sure they are able to intervene if anything were to happen.
Basically Hailey's pulmonary arteries just need to get used to this new blood flow and stop collapsing when there is too much acid in the oxygen. I will post more updates as we get them.

Here are some of Hailey's beautiful pictures from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep.


  1. Hailey was on my mind lots my prayers too. I'm so sorry she's having a rough time post surgery. Know that you're you're being prayed for and well-wishes are being sent your way. Hang in there- I love the pictures too :) She's sure a cutie pie!

  2. Hailey is strong and is a fighter. She is in our prayers. She is going to come through this at her own pace.
    Love the pictures.