Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chest is closed!

Hailey's chest closure actually went really well. All her numbers are normal and she has been stable now for the last 2 days! She did have a slight problem with her lactate levels being too high right after surgery. They thought they might have to re open her chest but she ended up getting them back to a normal range by morning. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and for thinking of us. It sure does mean a lot to us. And I'm sorry if I haven't made many other comments or posts, but I'm sure you all understand how busy us heart moms can be during this first surgery. They plan on taking her drain tubes out in a day or 2, and they are currently weaning her off of her ventilator and her dopamine. She is already completely off of her epinephrine finally! Will post another update and picture as they remove things!!

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