Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NO ECMO!!!!!!

We just got another update.HAILEY'S HEART IS BEATING ON ITS OWN!! NO ECMO!! We're still not out of the woods, she had to have her heart shocked (minor, and expected) but she is off bypass, now they just need to close her chest and get her cleaned up and back to her room. I will post a picture when she comes back. It will not be pretty. But it's part of Hailey's recovery process and it's very important to us. We also want to show everyone what a miracle she is. She will need a temporary pacemaker though until the inflamation around her new valve goes down. But she is doing amazing, may be another hour or 2 before we get to see her.

My aunt in law Jasmine bought our family some beautiful pieces of jewlery. The one on the left is for Hailey, middle one is for Josh and of course the last one is for me. I love these!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers and comments. They are really helping. And it means a lot to us knowing you are all thinking of us.


  1. Many, many prayers for sweet Hailey! I remember all to well the scary moments of surgery! My family and I are all praying for Hailey and you all!
    I also wanted to let you know I chose you for the "HeartFelt Blogger" award. I know you don't have time for this now... but I wanted you to know that I chose Hailey's blog because I admire your strength and faith. Many have learned so much from you sharing Hailey's journey. Thank you!
    Take care and get some shut eye when you can... Easy right?! We heart parents have mastered the art of sleeping while sitting up!
    Hugs and Prayers, Sundie & Sydnie

  2. Praise the Lord for answered prayers. We understand how you "aren't out of the woods yet" so will continue to pray for a very knowledgeable nurse to take care of Hailey tonight, a peaceful nights sleep for you and a smooth recovery.